Bryn Heveldt

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Websites Bryn has built

Powershop desktop screen shot Powershop mobile screen shot


Back-End CSS/SASS Front-End Infrastructure Javascript Lead-Dev PHP Server Setup SilverStripe Testing UX-Design
Lujo desktop screen shot Lujo mobile screen shot


CSS/SASS Design eCommerce Front-End Javascript On-going Maintenance SEO Optimisation Shopify
Blue Planet Marine desktop screen shot Blue Planet Marine mobile screen shot

Blue Planet Marine:

Complete Build CSS/SASS Design eCommerce Front-End Project Management SquareSpace
Fromm Winery desktop screen shot Fromm Winery mobile screen shot

Fromm Winery, made for UpShift:

CSS/SASS Design eCommerce Front-End Javascript Shopify
The Bike Station desktop screen shot The Bike Station mobile screen shot

The Bike Station, made for UpShift:

CSS/SASS Design Front-End SquareSpace
Acupuncture New Zealand desktop screen shot Acupuncture New Zealand mobile screen shot

Acupuncture New Zealand:

Back-End Content Creation CSS/SASS Design Front-End Javascript Project Management SEO Optimisation SilverStripe
RacingSparrow desktop screen shot RacingSparrow mobile screen shot


Back-End Complete Build CSS/SASS Design eCommerce Front-End Javascript SEO Optimisation Server Setup SilverStripe
Anaesthesia NZ desktop screen shot Anaesthesia NZ mobile screen shot

Anaesthesia NZ:

Back-End CSS/SASS Front-End Server Setup SilverStripe
Kate MacPherson Photographer desktop screen shot Kate MacPherson Photographer mobile screen shot

Kate MacPherson Photographer:

Back-End Complete Build CSS/SASS Design Front-End Javascript PHP Project Management SEO Optimisation Server Setup SilverStripe
Valley Gold Honey desktop screen shot Valley Gold Honey mobile screen shot

Valley Gold Honey:

CSS/SASS Design Front-End SquareSpace
Sail Search desktop screen shot Sail Search mobile screen shot

Sail Search:

AngularJS Back-End Complete Build CSS/SASS Design Front-End Javascript JSON Server Setup
Nadia Reid desktop screen shot Nadia Reid mobile screen shot

Nadia Reid:

Design SquareSpace

Freelance Design & Development

I specialise in User Experience Design, Web Development and Management of websites for both large and small organisations across New Zealand.

Online shops, marketing websites, publishing platforms and WebApps, built with Silverstripe, Shopify or VueJS. With a focus on high performance including monitoring & maintenance.

With a design degree from Whanganui School of Design and over 20 years industry experience designing and coding for small and large design agencies, IT companies and startups. I have customers in Nelson, Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland and Tauranga. Most work is done remotely from my home office in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The work I do varies from new design/builds to renovation projects, consultation and contracting. I use various platforms to build quality sites including SilverStripe, Shopify and SquareSpace. I also have a network of other skilled developers and designers and manage extra talented freelancers when needed.

I started my career as a 3D compositor and CD-rom producer in Melbourne, which soon morphed into web and graphic design in Wellington. I then naturally progressed into development and coding. Freelancing is great because I get to utilise my full range of skills and add immense value to a project.

I am comfortable both in web teams and solo projects. New builds and on-going maintenance. My skillset includes: Front End Development, Back End Development, User Experience Design, Responsive Design, Graphic Design, Server Configuration, SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, Team Management.

I am comfortable coding with PHP, HTML, CSS/SASS, Javascript, VueJS, Liquid(Shopify), Shell script.

Outside of the digital field my career has also included:

I live in Spreydon - Christchurch, New Zealand with Kate MacPherson and our daughter.


The pros and cons of some common website platforms:


Great for custom design websites that need to perform well and look sharp. If you have the need for backend functionality like multiple editors with different permissions or a database of users; to managing large format images then SilverStripe is a great choice. The downside is the initial build cost may be higher. A server needs to be managed, although this is not that difficult and rarely needs intervention. All functionality is bespoke and will require some initial coding by a skilled developer using the open source tools available through New Zealand made:


Great for selling products online and tracking inventory / shipping. Shopify deals with all the transactional nuances, currency and money collection tasks well. Ability to customise templates and present your brand well and get a good SEO ranking. Managed hosting takes away the need to manage a server. Not so great for custom layouts if your site is content heavy or you want a truly bespoke brand experience. Highly recommended for an online shop. Check out a Shopify site I work on:


Great for a quick turnaround, cost effective initial build that looks fantastic and professional. Easy to maintain and update yourself or even build on your own if you had the time and patience. Has eCommerce functionality that is easy to setup and manage on their all in one managed hosting. Downsides are the limited customisation options and bloated code base that in some cases can hinder SEO optimisation. Checkout a SquareSpace site I built:


Great in-between option for a relatively quick turnaround for a bespoke custom design website. Great selection of plugins for backend functionality off the shelf saving some initial cost. Down sides are these plugins often behave erratically and cost money to fix and maintain. Wordpress also has a reputation for not being very secure from hackers. I personally don't recommend using Wordpress if you are serious about security and downtime must be 100%. These days this is all companies, not just the big players.