Bryn Heveldt

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Websites Bryn has built

Octopus Energy NZ desktop screen shot Octopus Energy NZ mobile screen shot

Octopus Energy NZ:

CSS/SASS DNS Front-End Javascript Server Setup Signup Journey UX-Design VueJS WebAPP
Powershop desktop screen shot Powershop mobile screen shot


Back-End CSS/SASS Front-End Infrastructure Javascript Lead-Dev PHP Server Setup SilverStripe Testing UX-Design
Lujo desktop screen shot Lujo mobile screen shot


CSS/SASS Design eCommerce Front-End Javascript On-going Maintenance SEO Optimisation Shopify
Fromm Winery desktop screen shot Fromm Winery mobile screen shot

Fromm Winery, made for UpShift:

CSS/SASS Design eCommerce Front-End Javascript Shopify
Blue Planet Marine desktop screen shot Blue Planet Marine mobile screen shot

Blue Planet Marine:

Complete Build CSS/SASS Design eCommerce Front-End Project Management SquareSpace
New Zealand Airports desktop screen shot New Zealand Airports mobile screen shot

New Zealand Airports, made for Salted Herring:

Animation CSS/SASS Front-End Javascript SilverStripe
Acupuncture New Zealand desktop screen shot Acupuncture New Zealand mobile screen shot

Acupuncture New Zealand:

Back-End Content Creation CSS/SASS Design Front-End Javascript Project Management SEO Optimisation SilverStripe
RacingSparrow desktop screen shot RacingSparrow mobile screen shot


Back-End Branding Complete Build CSS/SASS Design eCommerce Front-End Javascript SEO Optimisation Server Setup SilverStripe
The Bike Station desktop screen shot The Bike Station mobile screen shot

The Bike Station, made for UpShift:

CSS/SASS Design Front-End SquareSpace
New Zealand Government Procurement desktop screen shot New Zealand Government Procurement mobile screen shot

New Zealand Government Procurement:

CSS/SASS Front-End

UX Design, Web Development

I specialise in designing and building responsive interfaces, user journeys and websites. I have a unique blend of skills with vast experience in the industry. In more recent years I've worked primarily in the energy sector designing and implementing pricing/signup journeys for Powershop and Octopus Energy.

My core skillset: User Experience Design, Responsive Design, Front End Development, Server Configuration, Site performance, DNS Management.

I've built and maintained many SilverStripe websites; Shopify shops; Signup journeys with VueJS/Silverstripe. This comes with Server skills/DNS config. I design in Figma or Adobe if that's the teams choice.

I am comfortable coding with Javascript, VueJS, APIs, PHP, HTML, CSS/SASS,  Liquid(Shopify), Shell script. Comfortable with build tools like grunt/gulp/webpack/composer/docker. Git/Sublime/Command Line/Slack huddles/Zoom!

I started my career as a 3D compositor and CD-rom producer in Melbourne, which soon morphed into web and graphic design in Wellington. I then naturally progressed into development and coding. I utilise a wide range of skills and add immense value to a digital team.

Outside of the digital field my career has also included:

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand.